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Century Education Advisors was established by Patrick W. Daly with over two decades of leadership, admissions, boarding school development, and advancement experience with schools in the Western United States. He is the founder of the international student program at two boarding programs and over eight private schools in the Bay Area. Because of his vision and success in the development of home stay and boarding programs other private schools have followed his lead. CEA is an American owned and lead secondary educational placement firm headquartered in San Francisco, CA.


Mr. Daly has 25-years of years of successful leadership in Catholic and private secondary education in the Western United States. Daly is the founder of two highly successful boarding programs and close to a dozen homestay programs throughout the Western United States. His leadership and business experience model has been used by a number of schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mr. Daly has spoken throughout Eastern Europe and Asia as a guest lecturer on private and Catholic education in the United States, and his family has enrolled four generations of members in Catholic and private education in San Francisco.

With four decades of successful leadership in admissions and recruiting students from Eastern Europe, and Asia; CEA's knowledge has been solicited in Mexico, Latin America, Japan, Russia and Australia.

As a father of four he understands the value of education and the importance of partnering with parents and schools to ensure the success of the student as well as the schools CEA recommends for placement. Mr. Daly began the company in 2012 after developing two successful boarding and numerous homestay programs. He and his colleagues experienced dissatisfaction with the agents and recruiting companies they had worked with to place students at the schools he lead. He was disappointed by the stories parents and students told to he and his partners about the unethical promises made by recruiting companies and agents.

He has found the companies and agents to be unfamiliar with the schools they recommended to families, and on a number of occasions once the student was placed, the parents and student ceased to have contact with the agent and company. His decision to begin his CEA was driven by passion, commitment to quality, integrity and a thorough process from the time of the first interview until the student graduates from secondary school.

The idea of a recruiter advising families on a school option without visiting the school they are recommending is unethical and could possibly have a long-term negative affect on the future success of the student. Mr. Daly and his partners serve the student and the family. CEA does not receive compensation from the school nor do we charge a commission to the school.

The focus of CEA is to serve, advise, and guide the applicant and the parents through the processes of choosing a school, applying for admission and advising and recommending the best methods to ensure the student is successful in a new cultural and academic setting, as well as participating in sports and activities of interest to the student. By working with thousands of students and parents, CEA is able to advise not only the student, but the parents or guardians on the differences between the two different school systems, how their child will be supported, who they will contact for questions in regard to academics, social and disciplinary questions, rules and regulations of the school as it pertains to boarding and home stay, vacations, pick up and arrival from an airport and the legal guardianship of their child as he/she resides in the United States.

Parents and students are always encouraged to ask questions and are entitled to receive honest answers.


CEA possesses the knowledge, success, experience, and commitment to providing peace of mind to parents and a lasting relationship. The leadership of CEA has worked together for close to two decades placing international students into some of the finest prep schools in the Western United States. Our commitment is to the long term success of each student and to partner with parents to ensure their child is placed in a school that compliments their strengths and needs.


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Orbis Payment Services

What We Do

We match international high school students with private and Catholic high school educational opportunities in the western United States. We have played an integral role in our students acceptances to the following universities and colleges:

  • U.C. Berkeley
  • U.C. San Diego
  • U.C.L.A.
  • U.C. Davis
  • U.C. Irvine
  • U.C. Santa Barbara
  • University of Southern California
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Texas
  • University of Miami
  • New York University
  • Yale
  • Brown
  • Columbia
  • University of San Francisco
  • Santa Clara University
  • Georgetown University
  • George Washington University
  • California Institute of Technology
  • M.I.T
  • Cal Poly Pomona
  • Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
  • University of Washington
  • Texas A & M University
  • Stanford University


The Placement Process – How we're different

CEA is different because of the pride we take in serving families, the quality of service we provide, the knowledge of the admission process schools conduct, and most importantly the thorough process we have developed to grade each school we recommend through a Tiered Process. Our process tiers schools as well as student applicants. We are completely honest with parents if we believe their student will not be placed in our Tiered Admission Process.

CEA has also Tiered the private and Catholic schools in the Western United States and CEA will not recommend certain schools based on the five criteria’s we have deemed to be worthy of our recommendation. The five criteria’s are graded internally and are confidential to CEA and through the process of elimination we match our students with the school we believe is the best fit for the student. These criteria are:

  • School Leadership and Solvency
  • Academic Offerings (Advanced Placement, Honor and IB Programs)
  • University and College Placement, College Advising, SAT and ACT Scores
  • Integration of International students into the daily life of the school
  • Quality of Boarding and Homestay Programs – including activities, supervision and facilities

A thorough vetting process is conducted of the schools CEA recommends. It is through our extensive network of school personnel, and our experience that makes our process superior to our competition. Remember we will only recommend schools we believe are best suited for the families we serve. WE DO NOT WORK FOR THE SCHOOL WE WORK FOR THE FAMILY.

Regional Focus on Student Placement

The Western United States has some of the finest private and Catholic prep schools in the United States and place the vast majority of their graduates in the Top 100 US universities and colleges. The East Coast also has some of the finest universities, but the West Coast is the focus for hiring in the fields of technology, finance, medical research, energy, and aeronautical design.

We focus our efforts on the following western states:

Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico Oregon, Idaho and Washington

Major Cities: San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, Reno, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Albuquerque and Honolulu

Mid-Level Cities: Helena, Missoula, Spokane, Boise and Stockton

Our commitment is through our relationship with college counselors employed at the prep schools we recommend and we ensure we will assist in advising students the correct questions to ask school counselors, and understanding of the college admission process and the steps necessary to be a viable candidate. We do not promise admission to the university of your choice or guaranteed admission.

Why is CEA Superior to its Competition

CEA is Superior due to our success and experience developing and leading secondary boarding schools with the thorough understanding of the quality schools look for in a student as well as their parents. We believe parents are the primary educators of their child and it is critical to CEA that parents play a role in the decision to place their child.

We have found many international parents are unfamiliar with the admission process required by American Private and Catholic prep schools, resulting in many questions not being answered by other companies and parents primarily going on the word of an agent or recruiting company.

At CEA we also interview the parents and prepare parents to understand the requirements American prep schools will require during the admission process, being admitted and the social, academic and physical requirements schools will expect of their child.

CEA is confident in its superior service to students and parents that we require one fee for your child’s enrollment. THERE ARE NO HIDDEN FEES! We will guide your son or daughter throughout their secondary education and work with school personnel to ensure the student is meeting the requirements expected at the school they are placed. Mr. Daly and his staff are available to parents and students as needed and WE ARE COMMITTED TO OUR WORD!!

From the time Mr. Daly and his partners sit down with a student and parent to the discuss the type of school, single gender or coed, region, size of school and goals the parents and student have for their education until they graduate CEA is there the entire time. As a father of four children that have graduated or currently attending private Catholic schools, Mr. Daly and his partners thoroughly understands the admission process, finding the right fit for the student, the academic demands of each school, and the differences between schools socially and culturally, and his knowledge and experience with urban and rural schools in the Western United States is second to none. He and his partners will also speak to parents on the positives and negatives of boarding vs. home stay, urban vs. rural, coed vs. single gender.


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